Our Values are:


We not only care about leaving your home apotless, but also about the impact our action have on the envioroment.


Our professional team is the backbone of our commitment to provide your with exceptional cleaning services.

100% Quality

Quality is our hallmark. We pide ourselves on providing 100% quality work on every cleaning service.

Regular Customer

We seek not only to provide esceptional cleaning services, but also to buil long-lasting relationships with our customers.

H&R Quality Cleaning LLC

At H&R Quality Cleaning LLC, we are dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning services in a wide range of areas in Wisconsin. With years of industry experience and a highly trained team, we pride ourselves on being your trusted choice for all your cleaning needs. Here's more information about us and what we offer:

Our Mission

Our mission is simple but powerful: to transform homes into clean, healthy and inviting spaces. We believe that a clean environment contributes significantly to people's well-being and comfort. We work tirelessly to fulfill this mission in every home we serve.

Professional best cleaning
services for you


Maintaining Freshness

General Cleaning is a maintenance service that addresses key areas of your home.


Beyond the Superficial

Deep Cleaning is a detailed, thorough cleaning that covers hard-to-reach areas and forgotten corners.



A Hygienic and Fresh Space

Kitchen Cleaning focuses on maintaining one of the busiest and most challenging places in your home.

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Hygiene and Comfort

Bathroom Cleaning focuses on maintaining one of the most personal and used places in your home.


Here you can see some of our work

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